Who We Are

This website came about through my personal journey with a serious degenerative llness, which first surfaced in 1999. Unfortunately, even after visiting dozens of health practitioners through the years, I was unable to secure a firm diagnosis until 2010, a full eleven years later. At that time,  I was finally diagnosed with multiple tick-borne infections (lyme and others) and am currently undergoing treatment to regain my physical health.  

Since 1973 I have been a student and teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, which served as a wonderful source of inspiration and direction through very difficult times. In 2006, inspired by my own experiences and the study of various teachings on transforming adversity into wisdom and compassion, I presented a program entitled "Unconditional Healing: Embracing Illness and Adversity and Discovering One's True Self" at the Sky Lake Lodge Meditation Center in Rosendale, NY. 

This workshop presents principles of unconditional healing and well-being and a way of working with illness and disability that reduces one's suffering and feelings of helplessness immensely.  I have since offered this weekend workshop at a variety of places around the country, and in response to the workshops, several Healing Circles have been established. The Healing Circles are ongoing support groups that meet regularly and ofter teachings based upon the principles of Unconditional Healing. Circles are now operating in Manhattan, Los Angeles, and Albany, NY.  (Please read more about the Healing Circles here.

Based upon the positive response to the workshop and Healing Circles, I decided to create this website to reach a broader audience looking for support and teachings on how best to unlock their own hidden resources of wisdom and confidence.  With humility and a strong desire to be of service, I hope individuals will find some small measure of solace, support and wisdom within these pages.

---Jeff Rubin