Electronmagnetic Radiation (EMR) and your health

Recently I started working with a new doctor who is a disciple of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.  Dr. Klinghardt, whom I was already familar with, is one of the leading medical experts in the treatment of chronic illness using both conventional and alternative medical approaches and techniques.  Before my first visit with my new doctor, she asked me to view a video by Dr. Klinghardt on the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR).  Basically this term covers the radiation from a variety of new electronic devices, the electrical grid, wi-fi, cellphone towers, and one of the most insidious, smart meters put on the home by the electric companies to read your meter wirelessly.  

To say I found the video compelling would be an understatement. My wife Halice and I immediately started to make changes in our home to reduce our exposure to EMR, especially in the bedroom at night while sleeping, when cells regenerate.   Just to give one example, who knew that cordless phones attached to landlines give off a very powerful radiation constantly all over the house?  The other compelling aspect of the video is Dr. Klinghardt's claim that exposure of the fetal brain to EMR is the leading cause of autism and other neurological illnesses in children like ADHD, OCD, etc. The effects of EMR on the fetus are hundreds of times more destructive than on an adult brain.

I ignored this issue for a long time but can't any longer discount it as a factor in my own health and healing.  I'll let you decide for yourself though. You can view the video here.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_wxM6IAF1I&feature=youtu.be