Happy New Year

It seems like only yesterday we were worried about the Y2K anomoly shutting everything down, but amazingly, it was a full fifteen years ago. The older we get, the faster time passes, or so it seems.

Sometimes the world seems so crass and unforgiving and we feel overwhelmed, which is why it's so important to look deeper and realize the  pristine and unsullied quality of both ourselves and our world.  That quality of basic healthiness is always there, always available, always beckoning us. 

I'd ike to wish everyone in our Unconditional Healing community a healthy,  happy,  and vibrant 2015.  Let's make this the year of  being unconditionally kind to ourselves, and by extension, kind to those close to us,  and to those we don't even know.  May it be a year of further opening, gentlenss and strength, a year of "feeling what we feel" deeply and without reservation. May we experience the blessings of this world in all our endeavors, realizing  that blessings often come disguised as pain.     And lastly, may we realize that happiness can never be found by grasping and chasing after epehemeral things, but comes to us when we relax, and give up the struggle to be happy.  

I recently gave a live-streamed talk on Unconditional Healing.  Please find the link to the talk here, if you are so inclined.


Healing blessings for 2015,